Baraholka (board game)


Baraholka (board game)

A board game about holding a booth to sell pirated videogames in the late 1990th-early 2000th in Russia.

  • Suited for 3-7 players
  • All hand-picked components are bought in Russia
  • 60 card event deck and 30 “bulk pirated videogames” (blurred on photos)
  • Hidden information and amazing events, including a Police Raid

“Baraholka” is a Russian community market.

####Purpose of Creation The final project for UCSC Analog Game class.

Project Details

Dates: Dec 1, 2014 – Dec 20, 2014

Team Size: solo (with support from family members)

Role: Idea, component search, ruleset

Categories: project game analog



Mikhail Baryshev is a Russian game designer and a programmer.
He holds MSc from UCSC and BA from UBC.

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