More About Mikhail.

I am a Russian game designer with programming background.

Born and raised in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I have successfully finished Russian high school program, as well as IBDP.

After that, I went to British Columbia, Canada, where I have received BA in Computer Science and Economics from UBCO/UBC.
Why not BSc? Because, apparently, Economics is not a science, and because that enabled me to take amusing electives, such as Film Studies, Greek and Roman Mythology, and Creative and Critical Forum.

Following, MSc in Games and Playable Media from UCSC, California, US. There I, at last, have worked on games a lot.

Currently I am working full-time and on personal projects.

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Mikhail Baryshev is a Russian game designer and a programmer.
He holds MSc from UCSC and BA from UBC.

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Email: mikhail@mbaryshev.com